You deserve to feel beautiful

From the first whisper of lace to the layers beyond, one's soul desires to feel graceful and alluring. Flowing garments, natural fibers, crisp accents and subtle inspiration develop into a wardrobe and life you will love. Taste life, feel beautiful, glow from within and shine with inspiring textiles. You are worthy

  • Shop small business / local

    I would love to be your go to friend, so send me messages and let me know what you are looking for. Believe me when I say there are millions of items to choose- I'm only one person!It may seem trite or even simplistic, but it's true. When you buy local or small business, you are buying from a person or family. You are making a personal impact. We small business owners appreciate you. You matter. Thank you for giving us a shot!

  • We would love to send a gift for you!

    Let me know if you want to order and send a gift to a friend! If you do this, I will also give you a first time gift as well- wow! Bonus- love on a friend or family member and get a gift back! Love is meant to be shared!

  • A bit about me....

    I am a wife, a mom, a Nana, a friend. This is my passion project. I want each of you to feel like a million bucks! I want you to know that you are beautiful- for me I have to feel put together. If I can help you find a certain item- let me know. I LOVE accessories and that's my jam. I love bracelets and earrings most. Hats are so fun, too. I feel like a hat is similar to carrying a balloon at a fair- thrilling! Shop well and know that you are loved!